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Dear Curious Fan,

You want to see what I’m hiding?

You show me first, babe.

-Daryan Crescend

Always the same with him…

The morning after


[Daryan smiled at Klavier again, hearing him say that he would stop him if he did something stupid like he had done all those years ago. He felt the other one tighten his grip before he let go and looked straight into those blue eyes that he had come to love so much, leaning in to kiss him again.]

I do. I really do.

[He whispered it near Klavier’s lips, savouring the closeness between them, noticing how his breath caught in his throat as he placed his hands onto his boyfriend’s shoulders.
He couldn’t help thinking back to the first time this happened, letting out a soft chuckle before he gave in and kissed Klavier hard, passionately until he had to break away.]

Now, d’ya wanna plan that holiday? Or d’ya want me to get ya somethin’ to eat?

[Klavier let out another soft sigh. He felt so good, so comfortable. He moved his head closer, placing a small kiss on the corner of Daryan’s lips between the other’s kisses, smiling at him.]

I know. And I do love you too. More than anything else.

[Getting kissed hard was good, so very good. He just closed his eyes and pressed his body closer, wanting more of that closeness, wanting more of Daryan, but he knew that the other one was probably tired from what they did earlier. He gave into the kiss, hard and demanding, but then Daryan pulled away and the German had to catch his breath before he could answer.]

Planning our holiday sounds good. It’s already late, you don’t have to cook for me now.

Anonymous said: Then go ahead! I find it very romantic. ^^


Anonymous said: To everyone who isn't a rock star, no, it isn't. It's probably normal for celebrities, since they have all those fans and stuff. And besides, if you don't want to say "I love you", you don't have to. Probably a "It's nice to see you" would suffice.

Sounds good to me. I really want to save those special words for that special person in my life.

Anonymous said: It was sweet of you to make her happy, Klavier.

Was it?

I’m not quite sure. Back then, when I had my band, I never had problems to say ‘Ich liebe meine Fans’. Aber jetzt?
I keep those words just for one person. Is that weird?

Anonymous said: A very pleasant day to you too!! Now Good bye!!!

Thank you. Goodbye.

Anonymous said: I know this didn't make any sense! I can understand German even if I don't know how to speak full German yet! Danke Klavier! I made you say "Auch because when I was saying "Ich liebe dich" I said one softer first then the second one I tried to sound like you and you said "Auch" So I felt like you were saying "Ich liebe dich Auch" It made me so happy! Danke again Herr Gavin! GOOD BYE! And I was serious about the pancakes with the talking pony, I better see one on my door step tomorrow!

I’m glad it made you happy, Anonymous. And I wish you a very pleasant day, ja?

Anonymous said: Ich liebe dich?


(Better not telling them that in German this exchange kind of doesn’t even make sense.)

Anonymous said: BLAH I WANNA BLAH MARRY BLAH YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH EAT PANCAKES FOR DINNER AND BUY A TALKING PONY WITH TWO HEADS!!! still bothering you! I wanna stop but dont want to at the same time... How about if Im the one who says "Ich liebe dich" Then you just say "Auch"? Fair deal?

…if that makes you happy.